[MPlayer-dev-eng] Output filename prefix for PNG output

Marco Aurélio Graciotto Silva magsilva at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 17:25:03 CET 2010

Dear MPlayer developers,

I was wondering if Mplayer couldn't add a prefix to the filename of
the PNG created using PNG 'video' output. I searched the mailing list
and I could find just one post regarding this
but it was about writing everything to just one file (instead of
several files).

Thus, I created a small patch that allows the usage of a prefix for
the PNG output filename. The new option is "outfile", which is used to
define the 'png_outfile_prefix' variable. The default behaviour is the
same as Mplayer currently has (default value for 'png_outfile_prefix'
is an empty string), so backwards compatibility is kept.

I also changed the BUFLENGTH value, so I could use the same value for
the buffers at vo_png.c (they are all used for the same purpose,
setting the name of the output path or filename). I also defined a
saner value (255 as max path+file name) instead of the mixed 100 (as
defined in 'draw_image' function) and 500 (as of 'config' function).
Besides this, I also did minor indentation fixes.

The patch was created against MPlayer svn #32678.


Marco Aurelio
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