[MPlayer-dev-eng] MPlayer linking takes forever on MinGW

Georgi Petrov gogothebee at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 23:46:36 CET 2010

Ok, I'm giving up. 1 week was enough. More than 30 hours with this
issue and not even a single percent success.

A friend of mine with Windows 7 x64 compiles and links the tree just
fine. I thought that Windows 7 x64 may be the final answer. I
installed it in VMware and linking failed. Next - my friend tried my
VMware image with 32 bit Windows 7 and the compilation failed on his
machine (having in mind that on his native Windows 7 x64 it
succeeded)... We both don't have any explanation. This is insane!!!

I can't seem to be able to compile MPlayer on cygwin after numerous
failures and incomplete configure builds. 3 hours worth trying are

After another 4 hours spent with Open Watcom's compiler, which
complained about a ton of things and finally after reading the
by-alien-written user's manual, gave me an .exe file, which crashes on
startup... That's enough.

ld.exe from the U++ project, which was a drop-in replacement, supposed
to fix a similar problem from 2006 produced another mplayer.exe, which

Trying to compile older ld from older binutils under MinGW proved
another bloody mistake.

I don't have enough desire for experimenting with IBM's linker, given
the pain I went through with the Witcom's one. Any more experiments
with cygwin are highly undesirable and last, but not least - since
almost nobody seems to be interested in compiling MPlayer on Windows
7, I'm a minority without any chance of finding a similar soul.

I'm starting DxVA development from tomorrow by linking on VMware + XP,
running in the background just for ld.exe :(

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