[MPlayer-dev-eng] Development Request, dialoug box on eject

MALO BRAN brandil0 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 17:16:02 CET 2009

> Hi, i hope this is the right group, or at least rests on the ear
> of someone who can do something about it. My request is simple, 
> and surely can be done. On the Windows port of MPLAYER, if one 
> pressed EJECT on the DVD drive while a disc is playing... it 
> pops up an annoying dialoug box that is HARD to close, and 
> generally screws up things. Can it be turned off in future 
> developments this feature, or at least a command-line switch, 
> like -eject-quiet .... because it would be a more streamlined
> thing to have. Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks for listening, or 
> not. Bye ;)
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I found this impossible to close dialog box to be a real 
headache too, especially when manually ejecting dirty or 
scratched discs... or in my case, my keyboard has a shortcut 
to the drive eject function which by habit I must tape over 
when running MPLAYER, ... or be forced to struggle with 
shutting down the MPLAYER app & re-starting it thru Task 
Manager each time if I accidentally press it!

hope to see a patch out for this soon.


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