[MPlayer-dev-eng] A little Direct3D vo attention, please.

Georgi Petrov gogothebee at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 22:14:11 CET 2009

I really don't know why my last 2-3 patches aren't applied. I don't
have any desire to write e-mails every 2 days just to *ask you to
apply them*, but as I submit patches for MPlayer, it would be better
if they are applied in MPlayer and not independent of MPlayer as a
side-patch (as it may start to happen).

Last days (weeks) I got some mails from both users and MPlayer
frontend guys, asking me to do things I HAVE ALREADY DONE, but they
are not accepted in the official tree for some unknown reason.

I turns out that "more important" topics are discussed last month, so
I left the issue sideways. The problem is that I don't want to hold
better code on my HD, because you guys don't like it for some reason.

For example the latest SMplayer has really old direct3d code (from my
perspective), which resizes ugly, flickers when going fullscreen,
stops the playback when a 3D screen saver launches or the computer
goes to sleep. Actually this little vo_direct3d.c file I have on my HD
solves ALL OF THOSE problems, but the patches never made it to the
tree. As I see the SMPlayer's changelog, direct3d will be default for
Vista from the next release (0.6.7) and I would like it to have a
little more updated "user experience".

Now I have the latest version on my computer, but it's already a mess
- I submit some patch, nothing happens. I continue the development and
submit another, nothing happens. Then someone emails me with a problem
report, I solve the problem and post another patch, nothing happens.
The version on my HD gets different from the one in the MPlayer tree
every day.

I'm not sure I can split it to individual patches anymore... Anyways -
reviewing and applying all the suggestions I already sent will make
the file in the tree much closer to what I have, so I can continue the
development again.

I'll go through my "Sent" folder just to dig all the patches I sent a
month or more ago and "up" the threads for re-evaluation. I don't even
remember well how many patches I sent that went silently to the trash.

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