[MPlayer-dev-eng] N fps and N Hz screen refresh rate (the vblank problem)

David DeHaven dave at sagetv.com
Thu Jan 8 20:31:04 CET 2009

>> The final solution is the gl swapinterval with -framedrop, that works
>> well if framerate and refresh rate are equal and I don't use an ATI
>> card: the fglrx painfully slow, the Xorg's radeon driver suffers from
>> tearing.
> Normal framedrop isn't meant to give exact timing. It'll never drop
> frames unless desync exceeds 100 ms. The dropping code also causes
> problems with at least h264 (it depends on the codec and decoder  
> because
> the code tries to skip not only the display but also the decoding of a
> frame, as usually required to recover if the desync happens because of
> insufficient decoding speed).

Any interest in a patch that allows frame decimation without  
interrupting the decoder? It's IMHO a better solution for systems that  
have the CPU horsepower to decode, but are limited by a craptastic GPU  
such as the Intel GMA-950 running at 1920x1200.


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