[MPlayer-dev-eng] a64 encoder

Bitbreaker/METALVOTZE bitbreaker at ihlaid.de
Mon Jan 5 11:26:36 CET 2009

Hi all,

i recently mentioned on #mplayer-dev that i was doing an encoder for a 
certain video format that can be streamed to and displayed by a 
commodore 64. The first versions worked with converting a bunch of 
.bmps, now i started to attach that to mplayer as ve_a64.c. Encoding 
works fine and i can encode into several kind of subformats known by the 
c64 (ascii, charset, and so on). Best would be, to have an own 
containerformat, as i can't put things into an avi or such (too much 
overhead, bandwidth is very limited on a c64, and audio data will be 
piggypacked on encoded videoframes). So where should i implement such a 
new container format? Of course i could also output rawvideo and just 
let the encoder write a proper header on the first frame/init. Is that a 
good or a silly idea? Also, how can i force video output to be rawvideo 
After all that i'll also think of doing a vd_a64.c, so that all can view 
videos in awful quality (nah, it looks quite cool for a c64, really, 
i've spend lots of time into the c64 video thingy and did several 
improvements over the last few years, also did lots of graphic-converter 
stuff for the c64) on a PC aswell :-) So having all that in mplayer 
would just be consequent and making life easier with converting vidoes 
with a single mencoder command.

Kindest regards,


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