[MPlayer-dev-eng] N fps and N Hz screen refresh rate (the vblank problem)

Pasi Kärkkäinen pasik at iki.fi
Sat Jan 3 17:26:41 CET 2009

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 07:23:41PM +0100, Pallai Roland wrote:
> Hi,
> Preface: it's not about tearing, my sync-to-vblank on XV is OK. :)
> A long-time headache for me that movies played from my HTPC (on LCD
> TV) suffers some jittery. Now I've got some time for this problem,
> thanks for the boring Xmas.
> I came to realize that my problem is the refresh rate, that was 60Hz
> by default. It's good only for porn. :) I believed that the problem is
> solved when I set the refresh rate identical to video framerate, but
> in every 1-2 minutes the video jittered very badly for 10-15 seconds.
> The result of this experiment is this mail.


> This patch is just a demonstration. It worksforme, my problem has
> gone, but it's an ugly hack. Is there another solution for this
> problem? Is a workaround? Is a plan to fix this issue in the mainline?


Dunno if you have seen this:


and the successor of that:

The original patchset is about playing interlaced RGB video 1:1 without any deinterlacing
and keeping the sync avoiding any tearing/jittering etc.. (with DVB stuff).

Might help with your stuff too.

-- Pasi

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