[MPlayer-dev-eng] MNG demuxer for MPlayer

Stefan Schuermans stefan at blinkenarea.org
Fri Jul 25 21:39:18 CEST 2008

Hello MPlayer developers,

MNG animations do not seem to be supported by MPlayer 1.0rc2. Because I 
wanted to play back MNG animations using MPlayer, I tried to implement a 
demuxer in libmpdemux using libmng 1.0.9.

It worked out and I've been able to play the MNG animations using the 
new demuxer. Perhaps the code is useful for other people, so I'm sending 
in the patchfile.

I've not yet managed to add MNG auto detection to the configure script, 
so you'll have to add "MNG = yes" to config.mak and "#define HAVE_MNG" 
in config.h by hand to use the code. It's also needed to add "-lmng" to 
EXTRA_LIB in config.mak.

Best regards,

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