[MPlayer-dev-eng] Enhanced cropdetect code

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Sun Jul 6 22:17:16 CEST 2008

Roger Heflin wrote:

> Hello,
> A story explaining why first, then what I coded to work around it.
> I used mencoder to transcode and cropdetect ATSC TV, a couple of the
> helpful stations around here decided to get cute and put almost
> static (moving slowly) logos around 4:3 stuff in the widescreen area,
> this of course is not able to be detected by -vf cropdetect, and
> results in wasting a lot of screen area.


> Included is my current code diffs, using '-vf cropdetect=13' and
> sampling enough frames to get proper range perfectly eliminates the
> extra stuff, using lower numbers will duplicate the original
> cropdetect's results, and not cutoff almost anything with any
> content.

The patches provided are almost certainly not usable. See
DOCS/tech/patches.txt for patch-submission information.


* Patches should be provided as unified diffs, not as so-called context
diffs (which has always sounded like a misnomer to me, since they in
fact provide no context at all...)

* Patches should be made using 'svn diff' from the root of the SVN
source tree, not by running diff against a second local copy.

* Patches should be submitted as attachments, not inline, because inline
text can easily be garbled (particularly in terms of whitespace) by mail

       The Wanderer

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