[MPlayer-dev-eng] uau - svn account removal

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Tue Feb 27 14:09:04 CET 2007


I created quite a mess here which i should not have
done. And i want to appologize to everyone, especialy to uau
for this.

IMHO, because this vote should have never been started
and because i think that Dominiks patches fix the issue
at hand i thought that i should cancel the whole voting
thing and let it be. But unfortunately, even this wouldnt
be a clean way out of it as some people expect that i publish
the votes i collected and someone is even threatening with leaving
the project.

Well, it's my fault and i have to clean up somehow.

For the results, i counted 11 votes (from Oded, Dominik, Ivo, Michael,
Nico, Guillaume, Rich, Luca, Roberto, Compn and Ivan) with:

1 Yes
4 No
6 Conditional No

Which means that uau's account should be kept under the conditon
that the svn commits are fixed up.

As Dominik is already working on this we can for the moment
refrain from disabling uau's account IMHO. I think that uau
learned something from this and thus will not repeat the same
mistakes again.... And neither will I.

I hope we can now close this whole issue once for all.

Thanks for your patience with me

			Attila Kinali

PS: Just for the record, as it still seems to be not clear
enough for a few people: root does not have any right to decide
anything on its own unless its something that might compromise
the security of the machine in question or an pure implementation
question of the system. Anything else, like who gets an svn account
and who not is the responsibility of the developers team and not of root.

Praised are the Fountains of Shelieth, the silver harp of the waters,
But blest in my name forever this stream that stanched my thirst!
                         -- Deed of Morred

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