[MPlayer-dev-eng] configure: athlon-xp is mistakely detected as athlon

mail at kraymer.de mail at kraymer.de
Mon Feb 26 12:59:57 CET 2007

Andrew Savchenko wrote:
> Hi,
> In r22301 configure script selects between athlon-xp and athlon by 
> testing for sse support, but extensions check (and particularly  sse
> check) is performed _after_ check for GCC & CPU optimization  abilities.
> So there is no way for propely autodetection of> athlon-xp: it will be always auotodetected as athlon.
> Attached patch just moves extensions check _before_ check for CPU 
> abilities. It works fine for me. Please review.
Looking at configure output, this patch appears to be working here too.
Thanks, I hadn't even noticed that athlon-xp wasn't detected properly.


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