[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC][PATCH] audio and video framers

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it
Sun Feb 25 23:25:13 CET 2007

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> well i surely prefer to keep things modular and independant but what
> use is mplayer without lavc? do you want to reimplement all decoders too?

no use and no, lavc is enough

> if not there isnt much you can decode, and if you are not useing binary
> vfw codecs (not really in the spirit of the GPL and wont work on anything but
> x86) then there really is little left besides mpeg1/2 and huffyuv and xvid on
> x86
> i see that you disslike lavc, though its unclear to me why? maybe you could
> elaborate?

eh??? why do you think so? I never wrote/thought anything like that,
and if it had been the case I wouldn't have written some patches for 
ffmpeg or code to use muxer_lavf or to enhance demux_lavf and so on 
and on...
I love lav[cf] and I try to add my share when I have time, patience 
and energies, but as I wrote I'd like to keep libmpdemux cleaner than 
is it as long as we have it.
Since you all want to remove it, at least let's begin with removing 
code that is obsolete
(e.g. demux_aac, demux_audio and demux_avi come to mind, maybe more)

> also what use is a framer layer without decoders (from lavc) ?

mencoder can be used as a remuxer an mplayer as a mini-player for 
special uses, but of course it can be done with libav* too

"Without a frontend, mplayer is useless" - someone in mplayer-users

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