[MPlayer-dev-eng] flv A/V sync broken

Onur Küçük onur at delipenguen.net
Sun Feb 18 18:42:47 CET 2007


 While playing flv files (tested with codecs FLV1 / mp3) MPlayer looses
sync of audio and video. I guess video is played faster than audio.
ffplay plays it correctly. Might be related to lately committed flvdec
changes in ffmpeg.

 I have tested with matching svn versions ffmpeg:8020 and mplayer:22260

 I have put a sample here [1], it has music and subtitles on video,
to make it easier to catch the difference.

 There are some other FLV1/mp3 flv files in the folder, if necessary.

[1]: http://cekirdek.pardus.org.tr/~onur/flv/naruto-152.flv

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