[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] fix build failure with libnut

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Wed Feb 7 13:46:56 CET 2007

On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 08:44:18AM +0100, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> The Wanderer wrote:
> > For some while now - I didn't notice what revision started it, but it
> > may even have been thousands ago - MPlayer has not compiled for me with
> > (the latest SVN of) libnut installed.
> ffmpeg's configure and libavformat/Makefile use CONFIG_LIBNUT, while
> mplayer's configure and libmpdemux/Makefile use LIBNUT.
> This should make things consistent.

This is a viable workaround for the moment but not the correct solution
since both libmpdemux and libavformat can make use of libnut separately.
Fixing this properly will require some changes to libavformat.  I'm
looking into it.


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