[MPlayer-dev-eng] [RFC] kde screensaver stuff using system()

Nicolas George nicolas.george at ens.fr
Tue Feb 6 22:13:55 CET 2007

L'octidi 18 pluviôse, an CCXV, Reimar Döffinger a écrit :
> Ans as xine noticed is in no way at all "safe", creating problems for
> user with disabilities, accidentially activating some window manager
> stuff or so and all other kinds of stuff.

But as I pointed out two years ago, for any given configuration, it is
probably possible to find a safe key. Therefore, a solution that would let
the user choose a safe key (and do nothing if he does not) would be better
than nothing.

>	    Why should we have to fix the problems their programs are
> making?

Because there is nothing you can do to ensure that a correct protocol will
find its way into the Freedesktop standards in finite time.

>	  Otherwise it is our policy not to work around other people's
> bugs - and this whole screensaver disabling is someone else's bug!

That sentence surprises me. I thought that it was all mplayer was about:
dealing with badly designed audio and video formats, video drivers, etc.,
and despite their braindeadness, managing to bring high-quality output to
the user.


  Nicolas George
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