[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: [PATCH] lavf demuxer select and list formats

kiriuja mplayer-patches at en-directo.net
Mon Feb 5 20:19:11 CET 2007

> attached patch adds lavfdopts format suboption which allows forcing a
> specific format or to list available ones by specifying "help".
> Any objections (besides missing man page part)?

Tried your patch, and it mostly works great.

Here's my wishlist for -lavfdopts format=help to make it more like the
other help options:

- -lavfdopts format=help shouldn't require a file to play;

- make it possible to use it with other help options so that
  mplayer -vo help -vf help -lavfdopts format=help
  would print all three lists for example;

- also make -demuxer help -lavfdopts format=help list both
  demuxers and lavf formats.

I know I may be asking too much, but the patch will be very useful even
as is.


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