[MPlayer-dev-eng] problem with 'configure' script (rev: 22117)

cybernet at interia.pl cybernet at interia.pl
Sat Feb 3 23:58:55 CET 2007

The lines similar to:

    _libavdemuxers_all=`sed (.....)`

(produces a list of demuxers by parsing allformats.c using sed)

have the following appended:

    (...) |    tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'

which changes to list into uppercase, but ... the lines after that use 
sed to cut out lines matching LOWERCASE expressions, which cases all the 
demuxers to be included, which breaks the build.


1. Return to previous revision (svn update -r 22116 configure)
2. Convert the 'tr' expresions to convert to lowercase (?)
3. Convert the sed expressions to uppercase (?)
3. Use the 'i' modifier for sed (?), e.g.

     (...)    -e s/dc1394_demuxer//i    (...)

instead of

    (...)    -e s/dc1394_demuxer//   (...)

Sorry for concrete fix, but I used option "1", but I'm in a hurry to get 
it working :)


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