[MPlayer-dev-eng] Updated vidix driver for ATI cards.

Benjamin Zores ben at geexbox.org
Tue Apr 17 19:21:25 CEST 2007


The attached patch updates the ATI Rage128/Radeon Vidix driver from
sf.net upstream vidix. I'd like some people with access to these types
of GPUs to test the patch and tell me if -vo [cx]vidix still works for
them (also tell if you're using Rage based or any Radeon card).

It should theorically introduce support for all Radeon cards higher
than 9600 and nearly all from the latest X series.

No need to say that the patch itself is disgusting (old file replaced
by the new one), unreadable and, if ever meant to be commited, will be
applied this way (i can't waste a year trying to split 3000 lines of
changes in this driver to have it commited piece by piece).


"My life, and by extension everyone else's is meaningless."
Bender, Futurama
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