[MPlayer-dev-eng] ass subtitle with DVD when timestamp restart after chapter

rjoco77 at kezdionline.ro rjoco77 at kezdionline.ro
Thu Apr 12 23:34:21 CEST 2007


I found this bug when i wanted to add an external subtitle for my DVD.

With my old version of mplayer the osd start from 0 too, but with
latest snapsot the timer is ok but the subtitle not, so i started to
explore the source and discover the difference betwen new and old
mplayer so i changed this to mpcommon.c:

     if (subdata) {
+        double pts = 0;
+        if(demuxer->stream_pts != MP_NOPTS_VALUE)
+            pts = demuxer->stream_pts;
+        else if(sh_video) pts = sh_video->pts;
-	double pts = sh_video->pts;
(code from demuxer.c:demuxer_get_time_length)

With this changes the subtitle  working but not with -ass switch
because the ass using other method to display the subtitle.

So i want to ask someone who have more experience in libass to resolve
this problem, or any help to understand libass subtitling.


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