[MPlayer-dev-eng] New real codecs are needed for some files

Gianluigi Tiesi mplayer at netfarm.it
Thu Apr 5 02:25:32 CEST 2007

an user sent me a video that mplayer plays without
audio, I've downloaded latest realplayer picked
cook.dll rename cook3260.dll and it finally works.
I've got some problems while trying to upload files
on ftp.mplayerhq.hu, so I'll provide direct links.
I think cook3260.dll is not correct as the name of
new dll since the version is 10.0.x
I think also linux drivers should be updated according.

old codec fails with:
Opening audio decoder: [realaud] RealAudio decoder
Decoder init failed, error code: 0x80040005

win32 codecs can be found here:
the sample video:


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