[MPlayer-dev-eng] patch for stereoscopic support

Gabriel Winckler winckler at campogeral.com.br
Tue Jun 14 02:14:46 CEST 2005


This is my first time here, but I`ll to make it right.

Me and my friend (Denis Taniguchi), patched mplayer to have stereoscopic
support, needed here in the lab that we work for.

After a long search, we couldn't find any player with this kind of thing
for linux.

We made a small change in vo_gl2.c The diff is in vo_gl2.c.diff

To simplify the implementation, we have created one other video output
called gl2_stereo.

The patch for this installation is also attached

This stereo is based on Quad buffer Stereo. The input format is
"side-by-side" with the "left eye" sided with the "right eye" in the
same frame.

Is also possible to implement other type of stereo format, but I never
use any of then. Is also possible, and maybe more clean to keep just the
gl2 vo and support the stereo as a flag. And we could also make this
with vo_gl.

So, we are offering this patch. We would like to contribute somehow with
the MPlayer Project.
If you have any suggestion, please, let me know.


Gabriel Winckler

P.S.: This patch was based on MPlayer-1.0pre6a. I can upgrade to the
latest version if needed.

P.S.2: Was easy understand the source code. If all code were like

Gabriel Winckler <winckler at campogeral.com.br>
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