[MPlayer-dev-eng] #mplayerdev irc channel, was Re: [PATCH] nsv demuxer

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed Mar 31 23:43:15 CEST 2004


> > I know.
> > Dont worry, we've moved to #mplayersux now, with all the private stuff.
> > Afaik gabu redirected #mplayerdev logs from mplayer-flame@ to -devel@,
> > and so -flame can became private again.
> I didn't get that.

I see.

> Who are "we"? (Arpi, al3x, gabucino)

It depends. At least me, .so, gabucino and probably alex too.
But it's gettin' offtopic...

> If the new channel is for your hungarian friends, what have
> it to do with mplayer and this maillist?

Hey, that's a GOOD question. Ask it from who bring it up here,
it was not me nor gabu.

> If the new channel is for hidden development, what's the


> difference with mplayer-dev then? I should remind you that
> there is #mplayer user channel in freenode that is quite popular.

i know
and some of the active developers are reachable there, not at #mplayerdev

> Irc logs are send in yet another maillist mplayer-devel
> (not mplayer-dev?) Why not mplayer-irclog?

probably it's just the question of YAML

> Anyway as you are finnaly moving, could I suggest the developer
> channel to be moved to freenode?

why not?
actually i don't care, i'm no longer a developer.

> The user channel #mplayer is quite big, poplular and have regular
> visitors.

more ads, more ads!
hey, are you paid for advertising it twice in a <20 lines mail?

> The IrcNet have very mean policy and I usually have troubles connecting
> to it. Regular splits, overloaded servers, and limiting connections to
> same domain.


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