[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] Re: ogm subtitles are a little weird

Andriy N. Gritsenko andrej at lucky.net
Tue Mar 30 17:16:33 CEST 2004


Sometime (on Monday, March 29 at 12:04) I've written something...

>    The same as above. May be I'll find some time later to find out how
>to do that parsing and implement -slang and -alang for ogm. The problem
>is I don't have spare time right now. :(

    I've done it. "-slang rus,eng" works now. Patch is attached. :)  I
didn't find a way to implement '-alang' option. It must be too tricky.
I'll try to explain it now.

    How it works now?

    without options         with -aid X
-init demuxer           -init demuxer
-find first audio       -find audio X
-init audio             -init audio
-read audio stream...   -read audio stream...

    How it must work?

    without options         with -aid X             with -alang Lang
-init demuxer           -init demuxer           -init demuxer
-find first audio       -find audio X
-init audio             -init audio             ???init audio???
                                                -read 2nd page of each
                                                -if not found Lang
                                                 then use first
                                                -(re)init audio
-read audio stream...   -read audio stream...   -read audio from 3rd page

    It may be implemented by some ways (at least I see two ones for now,
see question signs above) but I don't familiar with audio in MPlayer so I
don't want to dig in it and change many things. So implementation of that
needs some experienced developer. :)

    With best wishes.
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