[MPlayer-dev-eng] mplayer still screwed up on DEC/Alpha

Andrew A. Gill superluser at frontiernet.net
Tue Mar 23 21:59:49 CET 2004

So I followed the bug reporting procedure and no one seemed to


All the gdb logs can be found at the link above.

Then I reported the bug again, a little more obnoxiously, and I
got a little help:


And then no one helped anymore.  So now I'm gonna keep bugging

mplayer crashes when playing a Quicktime file on the line:


it also crashes if you simplify the line to:





For the record, here are the %d values reported by fprintf:

	track->chunks = 0
	sizeof(mov_chunk_t) = 24
	len =  56
	trak = 543011824
	*trak = 2

For the record, trak->chunks has three elements, two unsigned
ints and one off_t.

Note that off_t is defined to be the same as long, and on DEC
Alpha, long is defined to be 64 bits, whereas long is 32 bits on
i386.  I did try making it with

Also note that if I compile ffmpeg, ffplay plays the video, but
not the audio.  So there doesn't seem to be a problem with

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