[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] don't skip first mp3 frame

Nehal nehalmistry at gmx.net
Mon Mar 22 05:29:42 CET 2004

> > for some reason, the current code skips the first frame of 
> > mp3 files (using any decoder), i'm assuming this is a bug 
> > as i can't see any good reason for this.
> It was added intentionally to avoid hearing pops at the beginning of
> some files. Of course this is an incorrect, idiotic fix. 100l to
> someone...

soon after i submitted this patch, i figured that out, and yes, 
skipping the first frame is a horrible fix... the little 'pop' 
that you are hearing is actually a bug in the 'mp3lib' decoder, 
try with '-ac ffmp3' (after applying my patch) 
and you should not hear it, 1st frame should play correctly, 
(please inform me if the pop is still present in that, 
although it seems fine here)

> > this probably isn't noticeable with most files, but i have 
> > a couple of test cases that have audible sound data in the 
> > first frame. if someone wants, email me and i'll send you 
> > the starting part of the files for testing purposes.
> > 
> > please apply the patch that i've attached
> Please send a patch that fixes whatever bug is causing the first frame
> to be decoded as a horrible pop in many files, and we'll gladly apply
> this patch too.

i'll resubmit the patch with a correct fix for the 'pop' sound

also when you try to seek back to the begginning with the mp3lib decoder, it skips a little too, probably because the 
MP3_DecodeFrame() function has bad hacks, i'll try and fix that too
looks like the mp3lib code is quite buggy, 


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