[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] man page update for the adapter and refreshrate options

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Thu Mar 18 02:40:37 CET 2004

Sascha Sommer writes:
 > Here is the diff as requested by Diego.
 > Adapter section is based on a patch by Rune.

Applied with some modifications, thanks.

A few comments:

- please start each sentence on a new line
- escape the - in option names, like this \-vm

Another thing:

+.B \-adapter <value> (\-vo directx only)
+Set the graphics card that will receive the image. Needs the -vm option to work.
+You can get a list of available cards when you run this option with -v.

This is inconsistent with all othr parts of MPlayer.  The convention
is to have '-option help' print out useful information, so I think it
should be like this with -adapter as well.

Or do you mean that it prints out a list of available adapters in
verbose mode?  Dunno, but maybe '-adapter help' would be useful.


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