[MPlayer-dev-eng] x11_common.c: it still doesn't work in fullscreen

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Wed Mar 17 19:17:52 CET 2004

Gabucino writes:
 > Diego Biurrun wrote:
 > >  > > history.
 > >  > It is a good idea. Recommiting reversed shit is the bad idea.
 > > I give up.  You're obviously beyond reason, not that this is news...
 > No sense reasoning against facts.

You're slowly managing to make me _REALLY_ ideg (angry).

I extend my apologies to all innocent bystanders that have to endure
my continuing this flame thread, but I HATE being (unjustly) accused
(sound familiar, Gabu?) and I just cannot bear this situation.  Gabu's
arrogant and dismissive attitude is not helping at all..

But anyway, RTFMing always helps.  Here is a small CVS lecture for
you, straight from the horse's mouth (Cederqvist):


>From the 'cvs admin' section (slightly shortened):


    Deletes (outdates) the revisions given by RANGE.

    Note that this command can be quite dangerous unless you know
    exactly what you are doing (for example see the warnings below
    about how the rev1:rev2 syntax is confusing).

    Specify RANGE in one of the following ways:


       Delete the revision rev. For example, `-o 1.3' is equivalent to
       `-o 1.2::1.4'.


       Collapse all revisions between rev1 and rev2, so that CVS only
       stores the differences associated with going from rev1 to rev2,
       not intermediate steps. For example, after `-o 1.3::1.5' one
       can retrieve revision 1.3, revision 1.5, or the differences to
       get from 1.3 to 1.5, but not the revision 1.4, or the
       differences between 1.3 and 1.4.

Which proves that you are wrong AGAIN.  Now go build a garage for your
house, you'll need it for the Cola shipment that is about to arrive.

We all make mistakes (and I usually make more than the next guy),
there is no shame in admitting them.


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