[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] fix asm deps

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Wed Mar 17 03:39:40 CET 2004


On Wednesday 17 March 2004 03:18, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> mplayer doesn't compile with slightly better optimizing compilers. that is
> because certain functions, variables or constants are marked as static and
> nowhere referenced, so the code is never emitted. However, there are asm
> sections that do reference those, so you end up with undefined references.
> Below is one out of many patches to fix the issue. Is this something that
> could go into CVS ?
reason: wont work with gcc 2.95

level[i]= get_vlc(); i+=get_vlc();		(violates patent EP0266049)
median(mv[y-1][x], mv[y][x-1], mv[y+1][x+1]);	(violates patent #5,905,535)
buf[i]= qp - buf[i-1];				(violates patent #?)
for more examples, see http://mplayerhq.hu/~michael/patent.html
stop it, see http://petition.eurolinux.org & http://petition.ffii.org/eubsa/en

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