[MPlayer-dev-eng] KiSS of copyright

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Tue Mar 16 20:23:29 CET 2004

Gabucino writes:
 > Diego Biurrun wrote:
 > >  > Instead of whining, why don't you make your own viewpoint? Write it down
 > >  > clearly, and make sure it looks united. That's what it takes.
 > > I think Ivan did just that in his previous mail.
 > Then read it again. He said at least 3 totally different things.

It did not look like that to me.

 > >  > > "Do you want we to get $2500 donation from KiSS?"
 > >  > > without more details
 > >  > That's an accusation, and I demand facts or apologizing.
 > > Have you ever apologized to anybody?
 > That doesn't stop richard from doing it, does it.

Of course not.  It's just one more chapter in the "treat others the
way you want to be treated yourself" book.

 > >  > >  donation is only matter of good will?
 > >  > Godness Ivan! You got the complete mailings and I already told you what
 > >  > it is!
 > > Nobody except you has the complete mailbox.
 > They do. It seems ivan and richard are holding back information from you.

Please let us not resort to name-calling.

 > > Love is.  Gabu, seriously, is that your opinion?  It's strange to hear
 > > that from someone in a free software project.  How much did you pay
 > > Arpi so far?
 > In case you haven't noticed, MPlayer wasn't even GPL in the beginning, what
 > is more: it was anti-GPL sometimes.

I know, but that was not my point.  MPlayer has always been a labor of
love that was given away for no money.  There are things in life that
are for free.

 > > I doubt that Rich would refuse to cooperate with KISS if they
 > > cooperate with us and we reach a consent in which he participated.
 > I have no doubts.

Then we finally agree.

 > > I suggest that we continue this on mplayer-legal and close that list
 > > ASAP.
 > Me too.

Just so everybody knows, mplayer-legal is now a private mailing list,
the archives are restricted to list members, subscriptions will be
approved by Arpi.


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