[MPlayer-dev-eng] Some progress - thanks to all who helped

adland123 adland123 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 09:52:42 CET 2004

> No, it will crash with a segmentation fault (sig11). I added a comment, 
> maybe this is enough.

at least they know it was supposed to crash in this case.

Audio format 0x501
> They call it AVC, I think. A decoder for this format is contained in the 
> RealPlayer VP4 codec pack, 

I am not sure but I think Winamp (AOL based product?) may have plugins as 
No testing of this by me yet.

> How does this A.dll try to use B.dll? If it uses static imports it 
> should work automatically (have a look at loader/pe_image.c, line 293 
> and following).

I figured this out today after some more code reading and test runs.

Now working on two more from same company and will release all of them at 
once as a single patch.

all use two dlls for some reason.

1) H263 based codec has both a DirectShow and VFW dll versions neither seems 
to work currently. Not much debugging of this yet. 

2) Wavelet based
This codec works apprently with the video sample I encoded in windows.

3) I forget the codec type
Works for a few seconds and then a segfault (sig11) occurs.
(gdb says fault is in the B.dll decompress frames function)

for this codec I had to implement the kernel32 function HeapValidate.

First try was moving in the code from wine but it got very complicated 
quickly as I was merging in way to many functions from various other 
DLLs etc. this seemed like the wrong way to do it.

Second try: decided to stub it out to always return true as a test
 (obviously wrong way to do it).

Noticed a lot of other heap functions from kernel32 were already implemented
not this one yet.

Here is a MS page about the function which I found for some additional
background info


I appreciate all info posted on the list by everyone.

every little piece helps me learn more.

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