[MPlayer-dev-eng] KiSS of copyright

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Tue Mar 16 06:03:15 CET 2004

Gabucino writes:
 > Ivan Kalvachev wrote:
 > > Gabucine abandon it's position! He also abandon it's
 > > previous position. He even stated that he doesn't "believe
 > > in RMS bullshit".
 > I never did. And quoting IRC is very rude.

FYI: Being rude is also rude.

 > > He says because they prefer to go bankrupt rather than
 > > complain GPL. Hell, then they will bankrupt.
 > There's no reason to be jumpy on a cooperative firm. We're all humans you know.

Well spoken.  We should be cooperative, but also firm.  And yes, we
are all human beings with real feelings, let's not forget that.

 > > He don't actually have position to defend. He takes the
 > > first that they gave him and he is happy that he got
 > > something.
 > Instead of whining, why don't you make your own viewpoint? Write it down
 > clearly, and make sure it looks united. That's what it takes.

I think Ivan did just that in his previous mail.

 > > Gabucino cannot keep us away from negotiation.
 > Then start negotiating (but with us, not being a lonely partizan)! Suggest
 > ideas, not flames! Offer financial assistance! Tell us what did you consult
 > about with lawyers! Do something for a change!

You are right, and you did all this.  The problem (as always?) lies in
communication.  Please put all of us in the loop, publish the talks
you had with lawyers (on mplayer-legal).

 > > I guess he told them something like
 > > "Do you want we to get $2500 donation from KiSS?"
 > > without more details
 > That's an accusation, and I demand facts or apologizing.

Have you ever apologized to anybody?

 > > It is still not clear what the agreement is. I mean
 > >  do the copyright holders gave permission KiSS to
 > >  use their code in exchange of the money, or the
 > >  donation is only matter of good will?
 > Godness Ivan! You got the complete mailings and I already told you what it is!

Nobody except you has the complete mailbox.

 > > I hope that Gabucino won't be elected. As Arpi says that
 > > even the matrix cannot control him.
 > Tell me your ideas, and I (re)present them. This is that simple.

This should have happened much earlier.

 > > 5. We should seek a legal help. I guess that FSF would agree
 > > to give us legal help for free or % of negotiation cash. If
 > Nothing is for free.

Love is.  Gabu, seriously, is that your opinion?  It's strange to hear
that from someone in a free software project.  How much did you pay
Arpi so far?

 > > 11. We could cooperate with KiSS.
 > Unfortunately that contradicts richard's belief. How are you going to
 > negotiate with him? Are you going to?

I doubt that Rich would refuse to cooperate with KISS if they
cooperate with us and we reach a consent in which he participated.

Please, people, let us not fight but cooperate.

I suggest that we continue this on mplayer-legal and close that list


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