[MPlayer-dev-eng] KiSS of copyright

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Tue Mar 16 05:40:54 CET 2004

Ivan Kalvachev writes:
 > //------- part 2 ---------
 > What to do now ?
 > 2. Developers need place that they can discus without
 > been in public. Gabucino refused to send the mails
 > to mplayer-legal, because it is too public. I guess that
 > Arpi could make automatic subscription for all developers
 > (receiving mail may be turned off, anyway active developer
 > should not do that) and password protected mail archives.

So, can we close mplayer-legal now and allow subscription by approval?
That would be very helpful

 > 3. We need to choose representative body. Mails to Peter
 > should be send from the name of all developers. It may be
 > one developer, lawyer, or all developers could compose and
 > edit the future mail. In all cased everybody should help
 > as mach as they can.
 > I hope that Gabucino won't be elected. As Arpi says that
 > even the matrix cannot control him.

I'm neutral here, but who would you suggest instead?

 > 5. We should seek a legal help. I guess that FSF would agree
 > to give us legal help for free or % of negotiation cash. If
 > things get serious they could recommend us a lawyer.
 > After all we need somebody with experience.

Gabucino, who did you talk to and what did they say?  Maybe you could
forward some mails to mplayer-legal once we close it.

 > 6. We should decide what do we want.

And we should reach a consent, else history will repeat itself.

 > 9. The coder that took our code should not take salary and
 > any other money from KiSS for one month. (IBM research say
 > a good coder can write 25 lines BUG FREE code a day,
 > 1000 /25 = 40 days). He may have family, children.
 > He won't risk another such punishment. And nobody will dare
 > to copy bigger parts from FOSS project!! (If him boss is
 > responsible too, he deserve same edification)

KISS is responsible as a company.  I doubt that this incident was
caused by a rogue coder.


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