[MPlayer-dev-eng] HTTP search segfault

Roberto Togni r_togni at tiscali.it
Mon Mar 15 20:49:08 CET 2004

On 2004.03.14 18:10, eviv bulgroz wrote:
> --- Roberto Togni <r_togni at tiscali.it> wrote:
> Actually there are remaining issues, regarding streaming of multiple
> avi files:
> 1) The following command line doesn't work anymore, only the first  
> avi
> file is now played:
> cat a.avi b.avi | mplayer -
Is this supposed to work at all? How can MPlayer tell one file from the  
other? Maybe i'm completely worong, but it's different from
mplayer a.avi b.avi
> => Enclosed is a small patch that fixes that problem
> 2) A similar problem exists for multiple avi files sent over http.
> With seeking enabled, the code
> is now broken, since it needs to read properly and sequentially the
> avi headers, indexes and size
> of all files sent over the stream! This still have to be fixed...
Sorry, i can't test it and i don't understand this code at all. I'm  
just trying to collect and apply patches. If someone have a solution  
please stand up and submit a patch.


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