[MPlayer-dev-eng] ALTIVEC accelerated YUV2RGB

Romain Dolbeau dolbeau at irisa.fr
Mon Mar 15 16:47:06 CET 2004

Nicolas Plourde wrote:

> Any good speed improvement with this patch using vo_quartz?

Nearly none w/ gprof. Didn't go further than that with
the wrong colors, so I could be wrong.

> Is it faster over qt framework color space conversion, because it
> what i was planning to us?.

I doubt it, as QuickTime can dump the YUV directly
into the hardware - assuming you give it a format
it can understand & dump (this doesn't happen with
the vo_sdl, which require a _very_ costly YUV conversion,
dunno why).

> I will probably send an update to my
> patch soon also with some speed improvement.

We're impatient :-) IMHO as an user, the most important
features are fullscreen and direct YUV support ;-)

Romain Dolbeau

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