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Gabucino gabucino at localhost.localdomain
Mon Mar 15 11:03:30 CET 2004

Ivan Kalvachev wrote:
> In next letter KiSS solve the other licence violations
> and offer 2'500.
Wasn't exactly "next", but whatever you say.

> (Gabucino give bank account?)

> Gabucino said that MPlayer want KiSS to release their
> code under GPL. Without sign of any other possible solution
I know, it was a hurry statement. They can't do that due to their contracts,
unless we are extemely triumphant in court.

> Gabucine abandon it's position! He also abandon it's
> previous position. He even stated that he doesn't "believe
> in RMS bullshit".
I never did. And quoting IRC is very rude.

> He says because they prefer to go bankrupt rather than
> complain GPL. Hell, then they will bankrupt.
There's no reason to be jumpy on a cooperative firm. We're all humans you know.

> He don't actually have position to defend. He takes the
> first that they gave him and he is happy that he got
> something.
Instead of whining, why don't you make your own viewpoint? Write it down
clearly, and make sure it looks united. That's what it takes.

> He got cash and forgot what he have stated.
Do you have any proof that I "got cash", or are you just plain accusing
wildly again?

> Gabucino cannot keep us away from negotiation.
Then start negotiating (but with us, not being a lonely partizan)! Suggest
ideas, not flames! Offer financial assistance! Tell us what did you consult
about with lawyers! Do something for a change!

> Every time I asked for KiSS news in #mplayerdev I got silence. Believe me
>  or not but I expected that KiSS will contact via mplayer-dev.

>  of them. If he doesn't trust developers he should not do
>  anything from their name.
Did I not tell you all about it before actually doing it? (It's still not done)

> I guess he told them something like
> "Do you want we to get $2500 donation from KiSS?"
> without more details
That's an accusation, and I demand facts or apologizing.

> It is still not clear what the agreement is. I mean
>  do the copyright holders gave permission KiSS to
>  use their code in exchange of the money, or the
>  donation is only matter of good will?
Godness Ivan! You got the complete mailings and I already told you what it is!

> You see it is a huge mess, and it should be sorted out ASAP.
It's actually very clear, please do not blow it any more bigger than it is.
Instead, send ideas.

> We need prove from KiSS that they have removed the code.
Read my mail......

> I hope that Gabucino won't be elected. As Arpi says that
> even the matrix cannot control him.
Tell me your ideas, and I (re)present them. This is that simple.

> 4. We should request the contaminated code from KiSS. At
> first we should take the subtitle reader code, that we
> know for sure is contaminated. This is a proof!!
I've already requested that since then.

> contracts, licenses etc. Anyway, we should try force them
> to open what is possible under OSS license, and provide
> the rest in binnary form.
You can already have it in "binary form" for years. That's how the subreader
was found.

> 5. We should seek a legal help. I guess that FSF would agree
> to give us legal help for free or % of negotiation cash. If
Nothing is for free.

> 9. The coder that took our code should not take salary and
> any other money from KiSS for one month.
This is
 - quite childish
 - not enough

> 11. We could cooperate with KiSS.
Unfortunately that contradicts richard's belief. How are you going to
negotiate with him? Are you going to?

MPlayer Core Team
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