[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: OpenDML Read/Write support

darkshadow darkshadow at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 13 16:43:22 CET 2004

Tobias Diedrich wrote:

>darkshadow wrote:
>>I have attached the output and just thought I should clarify that when I 
>>try to seek in the file it shuts down mplayer and doesn't give the 
>>warning about being in raw mode
>Mhh.  Looks quite fine to me.
>Anyway, the attached new patch changes a few things, so could retest it?
>It works with MS Media Player now and I changed the way the Opendml
>offsets are stored.  It only stores 48bit, but that is enough for 256
>Terabyte and in exchange it was easy to make -forceidx store 48bit
>I'm not 100% sure the aspect is stored in the right order in the vprp
>header, but I don't know any other player that supports this header (The
>vprp header is described in the OpenDML standard).
I tested it and found it better with the same test

1. new index for old 50gb file works perfect
2. new six gb file still dumps me out of mplayer when I try to seek
3. new index with forceidx for the file created in test 2 now works 
perfect (was paused for a few seconds then playback problems after 4gb mark)

All I can find wrong is when initially capturing the file it doesn't 
create a index and that requires a separate step and saving the index as 
another file

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