[MPlayer-dev-eng] x11_common.c: it still doesn't work in fullscreen

Gabucino gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Sat Mar 13 12:01:55 CET 2004

Diego Biurrun wrote:
>     Do NOT do this unless you really know what you are doing and the version you
>     are removing is the last version, e.g. there were no commits after yours.
> Pay special attention to the last paragraph, I'll explain in a second
> why it's there for good reason.
It's there for you to read. When I cvs admin -o remove a revision (and it does
remove, FYI), your cvs update won't remove it!!

> (the diff that I committed looked somewhat fishy)
For the exactly same reason: it still contained the reversed parts because
you didn't rm x11_common.c by hand.

> So the moment that the trucks start delivering Cola to your house,
> don't hesitate to call me, I'll take a bottle or two.
Be my guest and take all, after I reversed that stuff I rm'ed and cvsupped
the file and checked by hand that it does not contain the offending stuff.

So it came back with your commit - as the cvs log says.

MPlayer Core Team
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