[MPlayer-dev-eng] KiSS of copyright

Gabucino gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Wed Mar 10 23:45:25 CET 2004

Ivan Kalvachev wrote:
> You also had some very reasonable request about giving the source
> under NDA for inspection. I would like to hear why you have aborted that.
Two reasons:
 - soon Kiss proved to be more cooperative than I suspected and it's good
 - it has became quite clear to me that they'd go bankrupt sooner than
   releasing their sources (due to various reasons which can be easily

> You confirm that they gave no proove that they had stolen mplayer code.
> Nor that they have removed it.
As I said, I am waiting.

> Have you got the idea that the subtitle reader could have been stolen
> from another project like ffdshow that uses quite big amount of mplayer
> code? (the project is GPL AFAIK)

> So you have abandone all things that you request from the first offering
> of money. BTW I didn't sow in the letter that YOU have offer them any
> server configuration and that you had pointed the price of the server.
You can find that in Michael's copy which I'm now sending to you.

> Did you negotiate this by phone? What else did you talked about?
We never contacted by phone.

> I would have filled more comfortable if they had bought the machine and
> donotate it, instead of giving money. Just a personal oppinion.
Of course you would.

> Hmm you haven't told me this! I could have been more tolerate to you
> if  I knew that you had talked with at least one (biggest) copyright
> holder!
Did you bother to ask? Anyway he's been on the channel for a very long time,
dunno why you never checked it.

> If lez is somewhere around I would like he to clear it's postition.
AFAIK he's in england.

> > And now this uprising all of a sudden.
> Why the press release have been delayed so long? More than 2 weeks.
Because I had other things to do.

> Yes. What's the name of the coder that have taken mplayer code and put it
> in propriatly software. What punishment did he got?
Those questions are unanswered.

> Did you consult layers?
I already said so on IRC, but you just flamed, accused, flamed, accused.

> Who?
As soon as the case is closed, they'll be greeted.

> Did you consult any FSF member requesting legal advice? I suppose FSF have
> been at least warned.
Fantom Software Foundation?

> Won't this negotiation acctually encourage next mplayer code abuse.
I'm no oracle.

MPlayer Core Team
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