[MPlayer-dev-eng] KiSS of copyright

Gabucino gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Wed Mar 10 20:17:05 CET 2004

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> anyway, IMHO if u do accept a donation from kiss u should only do so after 
> they signed a contract which clearly states that this is unrelated to the 
> copyright infrigment and does not give them any right or license to the code
I'm not in favor of Kiss, but IMHO there's nothing wrong in that donation. In
any case, that contract stuff is exactly the opposite way: if they don't have
_any_ contract, they can't use code. So IMHO that contract is legally dumb, but
if others also insist, I'll propose it.

> > This is the timeline and things as they are now. Questions?
> yes, could u publish ur emails, which u sended kiss with all text which was 
> written by kiss removed? this should not conflict with any non dissclosure 
> promisses u made to kiss
Hmm, good idea. I'll prepare them soon.

MPlayer Core Team
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