[MPlayer-dev-eng] optimized colorspace for ALTIVEC enabled platforms

Romain Dolbeau dolbeau at irisa.fr
Wed Mar 10 19:12:23 CET 2004

Marc Hoffman wrote:
> I would like to submit my patch for postproc.

Your patch assume that if HAVE_ALTIVEC is enabled,
then you can run your altivec code. This is wrong,
as you with RUNTIME_CPUDETECT you may have an
altivec-enabled binary running on a non-AltiVec
CPU. That's what the parameter "flags" is for.

Unfortunately ATM there's no SWS_CPU_CAPS_ALTIVEC,
and it's not added in vf_scale. I have a patch
to fix all that, but I haven't submitted it yet.

Romain Dolbeau

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