[MPlayer-dev-eng] Question on "postproc/swscale.c:yuv2yuvXinC()" data alignement (for AltiVec)

Romain Dolbeau dolbeau at irisa.fr
Wed Mar 10 19:06:59 CET 2004

Hello all,

Before I submit my patch to enable AltiVec-accelerated
bicubic scaler (yuv2yuvX), I have a question on data
alignement. i.e. : what can I assume.

ATM my code suppose

1) dstW and chrDstW are multiple of 8
2) none of the data are "properly" aligned :
        dest, vDest, uDest
        lumSrc[j] for all j
        chrSrc[j] for all j

If 1) is false, I need to do some padding at the end...
If 2) is too strong and I can assume *some* alignement,
       it could simplify (and accelerate) the code.

Any idea anyone ?


Romain Dolbeau

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