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Gabucino gabucino at mplayerhq.hu
Wed Mar 10 18:00:20 CET 2004

D Richard Felker III wrote:
> Please ask Gabucino to do this. He only sent me an incomplete mailbox,
> omitting the mails where he actually accepts their deal.
Your little rebellion is quite miserable, accusing me with lying and keeping
that mail in secret. I've already pasted it to IRC that time after I finally
found it, probably time to learn reading.

Any more accuses I can rotfl on?

> And he asked me not to share it, so IMO it would be better if he posts the
> complete archive himself.
Kiss asked us (me and A'rpi) not to disclose it (and I also despise forwarding
private emails very much - especially as it contains the phone number of Peter
Christensen), but of course I can tell you everything inside it, we have
nothing to hide, despite what richard and ivan says.

Mailings have been started at the beginning of January, but the first mail
admitting code stealing occured only on 26th January. In that mail Kiss offered
that they'll rewrite that "insignificant" piece of code, and release new
firmwares shortly. In my answer, I pointed on the irrelevance of line numbers
of the stolen code in light of the used GPL license, and also my disappointment
of how could they expect I will believe that stuff without seeing any proof of
then actual rewrite happening. The rest of my mail was warnings about more
license violations and stuff (kernel config files, libjpeg, suggesting
opensource donations, and whether they have dual-licensed libmad).

In the answer, they actually had an offering and not only null-speaking: fixing
all those license problems I've asked, and they offered a donation of hardware
into our new server, and also settling the case in a good manner in respect for
the OS community.

I've answered that is all well, and told the parameters of the new server
which was being planned since months (1U sized P3 machine with disks).

Shortly I've received a mail which suggested finally making the common press
release closing the case, and a 2500 USD (515061 HUF) donation which matches
the cost of the hardware I outlined. We've argued about this on IRC (Feb 19
15:51), confirmed that it does approximately cover the costs, and A'rpi gave
his agreement to the donation. The IRC logs were read by lez (author of
subreader.c), Alex Beregszaszi, Michael Niedermayer. D Richard Felker was also
present, but silent.

And now this uprising all of a sudden.

This is the timeline and things as they are now. Questions?

MPlayer Core Team
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