[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: [PATCH] new odml, aspect?

Tobias Diedrich ranma at gmx.at
Tue Mar 9 15:52:53 CET 2004

Ivan Kalvachev wrote:

> As far as can remember OpenDML includes a lot of small new things, like
> information for aspect. I wonder is this implemented in both read and write
> support? This could finnally make avi's with aspect different from 4:3
> (SAR=1:1)playable under the vfw/dshow/dmo crappy players.

Can you point us to some documentation for that?
The opendml document I have basically only talks about indexes...
Oh, wait.  I just found it.
I think you mean the "video properties header", I'll have a look at it.

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