[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] new odml patch version 8

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Mon Mar 8 02:43:18 CET 2004

Tilmann Bitterberg wrote:

> On 24.02.04, Tobias Diedrich wrote:

> Here is a new (and probably final) version of my odml patch. The xbmc
> people tested the patch and kindly provided me with regression test
> files.
> o respect -idx/-forceidx switches
> o respect -loadidx/-saveidx switches
> o deal with files where audio is 00wb and video 01db (I can provide a
>   sample if wanted)
> o endian clean; tested on MacOS X
> o better interleaving algorithm from the odml indices into mplayers
>   index
> I won't do more revisions of this patch until someone complains or it
> gets applied and bugs turn up.
> Please apply.

I'm not positive that this is supposed to be within the scope of this
patch. However:

I have an OpenDML AVI with an embedded text stream, which is a subtitle
file in a format which I couldn't name but which looks fairly standard.
The first version of this patch which I tested did not as far as I could
tell at the time appear to recognize the stream at all, although it knew
there waa a third stream; this version sees three streams, one each
audio/video/text, but identifies the text stream as having length 1
(i.e. virtually empty).

The primary push for OpenDML support to be added to MPlayer has come
from people who want to be able to handle AVIs larger than 2GB. I
personally, however, though pleased to finally be able to seek in files
like this one without broken video effects, will not be entirely
satisfied until I can view subtitle streams such as this one.

       The Wanderer

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