[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: mplayer UDP port number

John Earl jwe21 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Mar 6 18:31:16 CET 2004

Marc Hoffman wrote:
 > Ok what I have done is added a new video out driver for raw video 
 > static vo_info_t info =
 > {
 >     "RAW file eyuv I420",
 >     "raw",
 >     "mmh",
 >     ""
 > };
 > This has been done in much the same way that pgm files are dumped.
 > and to use it lets say you type
 > mplayer tennis.bits -vo raw
 > Do I just add this file, I don't think I have CVS ACCESS for 1 and
 > secondly who reviews changes?

Doesn't my raw video mux patch from 2 weeks ago (attached, relevant 
email included below) do what you want, if taken together with the 
ve_raw patch already committed a month ago? How is your method 
materially different -- ie, why do you need to be doing this with 
mplayer when you could equally well use the facilities in mencoder?


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Subject: Re: [MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: Why is the 
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Revised patch attached - any other comments?

Tobias Diedrich wrote:
> John Earl wrote:
>>Sorry, didn't think the patch would be wanted! There was already an 
>>online help string (using -of help) but have added a couple lines to the 
>>man page in new version, attached.
> I think rawvideo would be a better name. :-)
> And I think I'm probably not the only one who will find this patch
> useful, especially for mpeg encoding scripts.

I agree. Done.

Have you actually tried it to make sure it does what you expect with
compressed streams? (I'm only using it with -of rawvideo -ovc raw)

>>+static void write_raw_chunk(FILE *f,int len,void* data){
>>+    if(len>0){
>>+	if(data){
>>+	    // DATA
>>+	    fwrite(data,len,1,f);
>>+	} else {
>>+	    // JUNK
>>+	    char *avi_junk_data="[= MPlayer junk data! =]";
>>+	    if(len&1) ++len; // padding
>>+	    while(len>0){
>>+		int l=strlen(avi_junk_data);
>>+		if(l>len) l=len;
>>+		fwrite(avi_junk_data,l,1,f);
>>+		len-=l;
>>+	    }
>>+	}
>>+    }
> You can drop the junk path.

The attached patch loses the junk path as suggested.

>>+    if((unsigned int)len>s->h.dwSuggestedBufferSize) s->h.dwSuggestedBufferSize=len;
> This line should be unneeded too.

Ok, done. I wasn't careful enough to work out where else
dwSuggestedBufferSize might be used.


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