[MPlayer-dev-eng] libao2 usage in other projects

Josef Angermeier sijoange at cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Dec 23 14:24:43 CET 2003

hello (addressed to whoever is in charge of libao2)

i was just looking for a suitable audio output library for the sound
daemon i've to write for our nice virtual machine (www.faumachine.org),
but couldn't find any, so i just examined abit the mplayer audio output code, got it
pretty fast working with my existing code. I bet there are also others
out there who could need your libao2, so maybe you could keep this in
mind, or maybe offer once the libao2 library separatly from the mplayer
project which would ease updating your library in other projects. Just
tell me what you think about this!

thanks in advance

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