[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: [BUG] encoding with xvid is totally messed

Nico nsabbi at libero.it
Sat Aug 30 09:28:24 CEST 2003

>> Hi,
>> mencoder-cvs compiled  with xvid 0.9.x or xvid-cvs almost always shows 
>> these  problems:
>> 1) either the divx2pass.log is totally corrupted (full ox 0x0), so the 
>> 2nd pass can't even begin
>> 2) or the video is totally messed up, showing many artefacts and being 
>> generally very very blocky, even at high bitrates
>> such as 1000 kb/s for a 640x416 resolution.
>> Problems like these never show in mplayer-0.90 compiled with xvid-0.9.1, 
>> even at lower bitrates.
>> What happened in mencodercvs/ve_xvid to justify this brute change?

>I guess it's not the problem of ve_xvid, but of the XviD itself. There 
>have been some bugs discovered lately, but I don't know if that solved 
>this problem. Also try the dev-api-4 XviD.


I repeated the test tonight: in both cases there was only xvid 0.9.1 installed 
on my system.

Withe mplayer 0.91 the encoded movie was perfect, with mencoder cvs it was a 
distater (a mosaic of blocks).

Naturally the encoding settings and the movie itself were exactly the same.


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