[MPlayer-dev-eng] RE: gmake fails if I use --language=de

Gansser, Martin MGansser at inneo.de
Fri Aug 29 17:03:05 CEST 2003

From: Tobias Diedrich [mailto:ranma at gmx.at]
> Gansser, Martin wrote:
> > I tried to compile the last CVS Snapshot MPlayer-20030829.tar.bz2
> > on hpux 11.00 but gmake fails, if i use:
> [broken help_mp.h]
> > contents of help_mp.h
> > 
> > //
> > // WARNING! This is a generated file. Do NOT edit.
> > // See the help/ subdir for the editable files.
> > //
> Parts of help_mp.h are generated by help/help_diff.sh .
> I suggest you have a look at that one, maybe it uses some bashism that
> your /bin/sh does not support. Does it work if you replace "#!/bin/sh"
> by "#!/bin/bash" in said script?

ok, my favorite shell on hpux is csh, but with bash
it works now.

I replaced also the line "#!/bin/sh" by "#!/bin/bash" in help/help_diff.sh

thanks Martin

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