[MPlayer-dev-eng] Change the window title

Miguel A. Rasero tecnico at bareacomunicaciones.com
Fri Aug 29 10:59:55 CEST 2003

How i can change the title of window that mplayers open to show the
movie? I can´t  find how change it in the documentation or the faq. I
want this too to make my icewm resize automatically the window but i
need to change manually the title or the class.

>From icewm documentation:
-	Each window on the desktop has (should) class and name resources
associated with it. Some more 	recent applications will also have a
window role resource, though not all do. They can be determined using
the xprop utility.

-	xprop should display a line like this when used on a toplevel

-	WM_CLASS = "name", "class"

The problem is that i can´t control this parameters from mplayer command
line. I need this to get an automatic opening on bootup of 4 mplayers
with different rtsp realmedia streaming like a multiplexer surveillance
because mplayer -geometry only works with xv driver and i have not a vga
with multiple xv outputs. I have tried before the mplayers users list
but i have not had very luck, i have not had any reply, i have no
problem in modify in any way the source code and make 4 different
compiled mplayers to play with, if any one can help me i would like very
thankful. Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english :).

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