[MPlayer-dev-eng] [BUG] encoding with xvid is totally messed

Nico nsabbi at libero.it
Fri Aug 29 10:27:07 CEST 2003


mencoder-cvs compiled  with xvid 0.9.x or xvid-cvs almost always shows 
these  problems:

1) either the divx2pass.log is totally corrupted (full ox 0x0), so the 
2nd pass can't even begin
2) or the video is totally messed up, showing many artefacts and being 
generally very very blocky, even at high bitrates
such as 1000 kb/s for a 640x416 resolution.

Problems like these never show in mplayer-0.90 compiled with xvid-0.9.1, 
even at lower bitrates.

What happened in mencodercvs/ve_xvid to justify this brute change?



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